The Cake Show on The Baking Channel – Part 2 {Bake Mag Competition}

So here are the next two segments I completed on The Cake Show. I’ll be honest….these are slightly embarrassing! It’s not my best work… but who cares, it was still fun!

The second segment was decorating a quarter sheet cake.

I have a secret. I hate traditional sheet cakes. Since they are usually created to feed the masses, I find them aesthetically boring, short and too simple. So I wasn’t psyched to make this one….too bad I took this challenge quite literally! I didn’t realize I could have made the quarter sheet cake into something else like the other contestants! Rookie mistake.

But I still like the way my buttercream igloo and handsculpted penquins turned out.

buttercream igloo


The last segment was the cupcake challenge. Again, I tried to make as much stuff in 15 minutes as I could without using pre-made decor.

I made some New Years Eve themed cupcakes but the colors didn’t really pop on screen. Here’s a slightly better pic.


Here’s a photo of all three cakes. Overall….I thought I did an Ok job. Not too shabby since I was a last minute add!!! : )


Overall the winner was Benny from City Cakes – congrats Benny!

Watch the newest segments featuring Houston cake decorators here.

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