One Year Later…{Client Reviews}

Sometimes, the smallest gestures can make a huge difference in your day.

After a long weekend of caking and delivering, I received the following email from a past wedding client:

Hey Jennifer,
Jay and I just wanted to ask one question? How is our wedding cake still this
good after one year in the freezer?! You made our wedding cake for 4/7/12 at the Chart House and we ate some yesterday as is traditional
and the cake was awesome!! We just wanted to say thanks for making our first anniversary that much better 🙂

1. How nice was that email? It totally made my week brighter.

2. See folks? When properly stored, our cakes freeze beautifully a year later. (Double wrap in plastic, then a layer of foil and place in back of your freezer. Don’t touch. One year later, remove and reminisce about your special day)

Here’s a close up of their rose wedding cake – one of my favorite designs from last year!

pink chocolate rose wedding cake

Happy Anniversary Lauren & Jay!

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