Standing Wedding Dress Cake {Engagement}

Here’s a modern twist on that classic Barbie Dress Cake that became huge in the 1980’s.

Our bride-to-be wanted a standing wedding dress cake for her engagement party. (She modeled the bottom tier after one of our past bridal shower cakes)

The dress was Lemon Cake with Strawberry-Lemonade Buttercream and the bottom tier was Banana Bread Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream. Two of my FAVORITE flavors here at the shop.

Our client wrote me the sweetest note I have ever received:

Hi Jennifer,

I am not sure if you are getting tired of hearing this but your work is WONDERFUL!!! This is not  only talent you were born with this gift. I did not want to cut the cake. Now I understand why the banana bread cake is part of the signature list. Oh my god It tasted so GOOD.

It was a great pleasure working with you. You are so patient and professional. I wish you all the best and great success in your career. My only regret is I live in Atlanta but you are my go to place now whenever I am in NYC.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Congrats to you Stephane!!!

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  1. JB October 15, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    Just exquisite! (as usual) I’m going to have to try that banana bread flavor. It sounds wonderful.

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