Cookie Monster Cake {Birthday}

Sometimes we take for granted the smallest celebrations with loved ones…read on…

I received an email from “CC”  last month with a touching story.

I live in Augusta and will be visiting New Jersey for the weekend of 1 Sep -3 Sep. My husband will be flight in as well from Alaska. We are dual military couple and have been in a 7 yr long-distance relationship but we recently got married in New Jersey in July. Jairo (my husband) has never had a birthday party nor been around the family for any celebration or holidays. So, this surprise cake is very dear to me. I call him my cookie monster (he LOVES cookies!) so I would like that to be the theme of the cake if possible.
Well of course we were happy to oblige.

She wanted this on the back – so cute!

CC also sent us a photo of the loving couple – “So, you at least u can see who I am and why I am going these lengths for him. Thank you – You have been such a blessing for us.”

Congrats on your recent marriage AND your cookie monster’s birthday CC!!!!

Hope you spent every single second together that weekend!

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