Chocolate and Pink Hydrangea Wedding Cake {Weddings}

I love this simple but elegant designed wedding cake we created for a great “foodie” couple. They both work for a winery so they were extra careful at the cake tasting to ensure they choose something that would complement their carefully chosen organic farm-to-table menu. Their wedding was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns after all.

But then they tried our Chocolate Peanut Butter cake and all that planning went out the window.

To be fair, what doesn’t pair well with a quality chocolate peanut butter dessert? Exactly.

Here are the pink and white sugar hydrangeas before they were applied to the cake. These were photographed in a different light than the cake was – big difference, no?

Ombre – it’s so hot right now, Ombre. {Sorry, I can’t pass up a good Zoolander reference}

Our bride and groom send us a quick note stating how “amazing” and “delish” the cake was.

Happy Clients = Happy Me.

Congrats you two!

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  1. JB December 15, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    Love this! So simple but elegant.

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